Schott Olsen Limited is poised to deliver several construction solutions to our customers. With us, works are carried out efficiently and effectively, keeping in mind that value as defined by the client’s brief, can only be delivered within a reasonable cost, to stated contract duration and to the highest standards of quality.

Our Construction Management services include the coordination of activities between the Fabrication Facilities, Module assembly yards, Construction Site, Commissioning team and the Engineering team to ensure the construction is executed in a timely fashion and in the most cost effective way.

Our team of seasoned construction managers are passionate about what they do and show this in any project they are assigned. Our management teams provide project leadership and maintain a focus on the construction schedule. They effectively communicate with the project participants, monitor the work and progress of trades, facilitate coordination, provide project documentation, and follow-up on details and issues until resolved. This maximizes the value our clients get for their construction budget.

Roads and Bridges

Regular roads, Bridges, Site access/work pad solutions, Road furniture, Soil improvement for roads and highways.

Residential and Commercial Buildings

Using innovative design, smart execution and cost saving processes we deliver milestone and Turnkey solutions.

Pre-construction services

Our pre-construction services ensure maximum return on investment.

Drainage Engineering

Our in-house expertise can tailor a full service drainage solution to meet your needs providing a single point of contact which is cost effective and easy to manage.